Athletic Team Charter

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Athletic Team Charter

There are many forms of victory. Academic winners can't lose quality time in the classroom due to travel. Administrators and coaches win when they can achieve victory over their budget. Everyone is victorious when they have the opportunity to relax during their travel. With our athletic charter services, players and coaches can avoid, changing planes, catching buses, and confusing flight cancellations, all while allowing your team to focus on the game ahead. Berry Aviation allows a school to maximize its two most important assets: students and time. Berry Aviation's mission is to provide unsurpassed athletic team travel.

Your team is transported on schedule with no delays directly from your hometown, resulting in more time for academics. Berry Aviation adapts to your schedule changes, while commercial airlines cannot. Departure times are set according to your schedule. No more worrying about missing your return flight due to overtime, extra innings, or extended television time-outs. With an athletic charter, your team schedule becomes our schedule.

Flying with Berry Aviation not only reduces flight time by providing point-to-point service, but can also decrease your total travel time by flying into smaller airports closer to your destination. For your convenience, Berry Aviation is able to utilize these airports 24 hours a day. Eliminating the liminating the hassle of major airports such as delays, check-ins, and long lines saves your team vital time. A university that flies with Berry Aviation can control all aspects of its air travel. No hotel rooms, busses, or delays. Just straight to a victory, then straight home. Berry Aviation is the most effective way to transport your team. We are capable of flying the smallest to the largest athletic squad, including alumni and press. Our fleet is among the safest and most comfortable in the world. Your trip is made carefree and convenient with in-flight beverages provided and catering available. Our representatives accompany you on every trip to enhance the quality of your flight and ensure that you have a pleasant experience. Our staff will assist with all of your travel arrangements, including ground transportation, hotel reservations, and in-flight catering. You can coordinate your travel itinerary with Berry Aviation's team throughout the season, avoiding computerized and complicated ticketing systems.

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