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Berry Aviation, Inc. San Marcos, Texas

Our Products & Services


A Metro/Merlin Program Tailored to Meet Your Needs

  • Honeywell Line Service Authorized 331 Service and Repair
  • Major Airframe Repair and Modifications
  • Wing Spar/Bell Frame Mods
  • GCU Mods
  • Letter checks
  • Cargo Conversions
  • Aircraft and Lease Return Inspections and Maintenance
  • Engine Rentals

Other Specialties

We perform work on aircraft including Cessnas (from the 172 to the Citation), Metros and Merlins, the Dornier 328, the Embraer Brasilia, the DHC-6 (Twin Otter) and the DHC-8 (Dash 8). We also provide general aviation inspection and repairs.



Our Certifications

Berry Aviation Services is an FAA Approved Repair Station under FAR Part 145 (HKGR701E). We are authorized to perform work on other FAR Part 91, 119, 135 & 121 operators. BAI is a Honeywell Line Service Authorized Mechanical Service Center for TPE 331 Engines.

Our Facilities

Our primary maintenance facility is housed in a 55,000 square foot hangar encompassing an engine shop, sheet metal shop, parts and inventory, inspection department, records, shipping and office space with a customer lobby area. Berry Aviation’s maintenance program is also set up to support our own remote operations and currently includes facilities in NAS North Island (San Diego, CA), Kwajalein Atoll (Republic of the Marshall Islands), Kabul and Bagram (Afghanistan), and Burkina Faso, Africa.

Our Team

Maintenance personnel have an average of 10+years experience in aircraft repair. Each new mechanic first receives initial training in company procedures, regulations, safety, and aircraft systems, then subsequently receives regular recurrent training. Mechanics and other personnel also attend FAA workshops, which is part of the FAA approved AMT (Aviation Maintenance Training) awards program.


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Berry Aviation Corporate Office


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