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PACC System Overview

Multiple Benefits, Rapid Response, Flexible Utility

Berry Aviation’s PACC System is an innovative approach to tactical logistics support. By integrating the capabilities to conduct passenger, aerial delivery, cargo/COMBI, and CASEVAC operations into a single, infield reconfigurable aircraft, PACC manages the costs of contingency planning, while also creating a force multiplier for warfighters during pre-deployment training and operationally while downrange.


Remote Site Airlift Support

The PACC System is integrated into the DHC-6 and DHC-8 airframes, which provides STOL, unimproved airfield capable, low signature, and low visibility airlift designed to support remote-site operations in permissive and non-permissive environments. Berry Aviation can additionally adapt PACC’s capabilities to a variety of aircraft types as is needed to meet specific logistics challenges.

  • Short takeoff and landing (STOL)
  • High prop clearance
  • Unimproved runways
  • Night operations into airfields without permanent lighting
  • Aerial Delivery of Cargo & Personnel


Proven Teams

PACC is loaded with capability. This extends to the personnel who operate it. Berry Aviation's operational flight crews have extensive prior military service in Special Operations and are chosen specifically because of their military training and experience operating in hostile locations. All of our medics and loadmasters have backgrounds as Special Operations Combat Medics, Pararescuemen, and Direct Support which provides a unique skillset to execute the functions of the PACC System.



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